Selected Tweets #18: Micromegas, Markov Walks & Cloud Cities

Diane Lange - Recursion FlowerDiane Lange – Recursion Flower.

Selected tweets from my Twitter stream.

Anil Bawa Cavia’s Markov Walks trace the trajectory from De Stijl to Random Walks by teaching an Alterbot to draw.

Diane Lange’s Nature of Code Flickr Sets include Recursion Flower & Stem, both delicate spatial arrangements in muted colour-space.

Motstudio’s have generated abstract modular/graphical interpretations of classical music – L’Aurore Sonata No5 & Lesquatrestacion.

Diane Lange - Recursion FlowerL’Aurore Sonata No5 – Motstudio

Hans Kottler creates optical light works and installations using coloured plexiglass, LEDs & backlighting techniques.

Daniel Libeskind’s Micromegas are unexpectedly complex schematic/blueprint style architectural drawings from 1979.

Maurizio Sacripanti Lyrical Theatre in Cagliari [1965] – With ‘infinite configurations of scenic space’.

Diane Lange - Recursion FlowerObserver2 – Bjoern Scheulke.

Bjoern Scheulke creates anthropomorphic sculptural abstraction using sensing devices and observation systems.

Tomas Saraceno’s Cloud City is a non-linear constellation of interconnected modules that were floated above the New York Met.

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