Selected Tweets #17: Horizon Houses, Hydraulic Calculators and the Sounds of Sorting Algorithms

Horizon Houses - Lebbeus Woodsfrom Horizon Houses – Lebbeus Woods.

Selected tweets from my Twitter stream: @MrPrudence

Subterranea series of drawings by Rick Gooding with optical Escher-esque tunnels and passageways.

Gardens as Crypto-Water-Computers at Pruned – Hydraulic calculators & landscape proto-supercomputers.

Lebbeus Wood’s Horizon Houses are spatial [‘inhabitable’] structures that turn either continuously or from/to fixed positions.

HVilla d'Este TivoliVilla d’Este Tivoli – Gardens as crypto-water computers.

The Importance of being Axonometric. Michael Stoll on his collection of printed axonometric maps & data-visualisations.

Micromegas – Daniel Libeskind. Complex schematic/blueprint style architectural drawings from 1979.

Cath Campbell’s architectural/perspective drawings are composed using paper-cut relief-work.

Víctor Adán’s creates sonographical and waveform prints/drawings using ink on paper.

Centric Diatoms – California Academy of Sciences Flickr set of bioglyphs from the Microworld.

Subterranea - Rick GoodingSubterranea – Rick Gooding.

Quasi-Objects, C studies – Lorenzo Oggiano’s ongoing series of bio/organism ‘redesigns’.

Carlo Bernardini uses optic fibers, stainless steel & electroluminescent surfaces to create angular light installations.

Joseph Paradiso’s Massive Modular Synthesizer where ‘act of wiring becomes a form of composition’ [image].

Arachnoidiscus stictodiscoides - California Academy of Sciences Fonoptera I – Victor Adan.

Soundcube 1969 and other works – Bernhard Leitner Sound as a ‘network space’.

John Cage’s Atlas Eclipticalis performance of 1964 [PDF] – the conductor was replaced by a clock with baton attached to it.

Permutations, generations and subtexts of Binary Symmetry explored by MC Hess.

Arachnoidiscus stictodiscoides - California Academy of SciencesArachnoidiscus stictodiscoides – California Academy of Sciences.

Entropy is a programming language where data decays as the program runs.

Listen to the structural differences of sorting algorithms at the Institute for Algorhythmics.

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