Louise Despont – Geometric Channeling

Correspondence I & II - LouiseDespontCorrespondence I & II – Louise Despont

Louise Despont’s delicate geometric configurations drawn onto vintage ledger papers reveal a personal mytho-hermetic dictionary of esoteric cosmologies and knowledge systems.

The drawings are composed of multiple lines, circles, triangles and hexagons that combine to build architectural constellations, hieroglyphic matrices and crystalline maps of occult correspondences. The local interactions of these simple shapes inter-fuse to generate increasingly complex global structures – an allegory for the way fragments of knowledge accrete together to create holistic doctrines. This kind of procedural precision obsessed drawing, where one has no idea of the end result, could be seen as a kind of channeling of forms. Here drawing is a mantra for invoking figurative manifestations via the nested loops of hand-eye-brain feedback loop algorithm.

No.14 – Louise DespontNo.14 – Louise Despont

Anagrams of  Vision No.3 – Louise DespontAnagrams of Vision No.3 – Louise Despont

Her work reminds us of the drawings of Emma Kunz and Augustin Lesage who both employed complex geometric configurations to create visual archetypes of esoteric universalism.

Garden Aerial – Louise DespontGarden Aerial – Louise Despont

It also seems that Louise’s secret ideographic structures have similarities to the pages of the famously mysterious Voynich Manuscript which represent the alchemical phase transitions and syncretic relationships between the animal, vegetable and mineral domains. We have further inklings of the works of Wenzel Jamitzer, the Nuremberg Goldsmith who, in the 16th Century, explored infinite variations of perspective from the five fundamental platonic bodies.

Swedenborg's Index – Louise DespontSwedenborg’s Index – Louise Despont

For Calder – Louise DespontFor Calder – Louise Despont

‘I think both the process and the outcome of that process can be meditative and I’m interested in art that has a meditative quality. For me drawing is a starting point to exploring energies and dynamics that are unseen but felt’.

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