Selected Tweets #16: Ghost diagrams, Ocular Revisions, Technoid Holograms & Sculptural Incompatibilities

Selected tweets from my Twitter stream: @MrPrudence

Immaterials_Onformative"Immaterials – Onformative

Ocular Revision by Paul Vanouse is a custom circular gel electrophoresis rig used to visualize DNA bands.

Immaterials by Onformative presents possible dataset visualisations as technoid holograms.

The Roton is Giorgi Sancrsitoforo’s abstract geometrical transparent layered musical score.

Paul Harrison’s Ghost Diagrams generate geometric pattern ‘organism’ tessellations.

Parmenides by Dev Harlan is a projection mapped Stellated Icosahedron with optical patterns/geometries.

OcularOcular Revision – Paul Vanouse

Fleur van Dodewaard’s Sunset Series uses reductive reflections to create artificial sunsets.

Haroon Mirza creates Lautreamontesque kinetic/sonic/glitch sculptural incompatibilities.

Versus by David Letellier is a robo-kinetic sound installation with its own sonic feedback system.

Matthew Picton’s Cartography Sculptures: Maps made from texts significant to each city.

Any Vision from SpringGun Press: Nanopoetics with self-reducing anagram poem created by SEM.

Concentricity 96 by Joshua Kirsch: An interactive light sculpture where omnidirectional movement controls LED arrays.

The_Roton_Giorgi_Sancrsitoforo"The Roton – Giorgi Sancrsitoforo

Improvisations on a Concerto Generator. Delay modulations from Laurie Spiegel at the Bell Labs in 1977.

Bio-sensing art in the 1970s – interview with artist and ecosystems designer Richard Lowenberg at Datagarden.

Bliterations correctly connects the prelude pixellations of Norman Mclaren’s ‘Syncronomy’ with 8-bit games.

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