Hypogean Wildstyle: Dominik Strzelec’s Byzantine Geology

saturation_speculative_appsSaturation [speculative apps 01] – Dominik Strzelec

Dominik Strzelec uses multiple generative processes to create cut-through organic shapes, implying morphological growth and simultaneously, to use his own term, Byzantine geology. Often utilising Belousov–Zhabotinsky reaction simulation coefficients to generate volumetric forms, his works such as Saturation [Speculative Apps 01] also benefit from sets of colour palettes that wouldn’t seem out of place in a work of early 80’s NYC Wild-style graffiti.

saturation_speculative_appsSaturation [speculative apps 01] – Dominik Strzelec

By adding ‘floor-slabs’ to the visualisations we are invited to view these forms as speculative architecture – interconnected oscillation chambers and synthetic hypogean systems. His Byzantine Geology sketches proposition ‘architecture being brought back to it’s geological roots. Where structures are made for peer-troglodytes appreciating the Byzantine beauty of digital sedimentation’.

Am Ostbahnhof Berlin HackerspaceAm Ostbahnhof Berlin Hackerspace – Dominik Strzelec

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