Selected Tweets #15: Perlin Noise Stone Fields, Fluid Phase Abstractions & Humanizing optimization

Selected tweets from my Twitter stream: @MrPrudence

Polar 2d Perlin Field Giuseppe RandazzoPolar 2d Perlin Field – Giuseppe Randazzo.

Stone Fields – Giuseppe Randazzo. Natural circle packing with stones using analogue Subdivision & Perlin Noise strategies.

Observations – Nik Hanselmann. Simulation of scientific instrumentation/systems theory using GL Shaders & Cinder.

Wonderful Little Creatures – Sean Rogg. Heated liquid (al)chemical sound reactions and disturbances.

Impulse 101 – Anthony Antonellis. Acrylic/Projection work using the 4 foundational characters of 8-bit ASCII.

Electronic realization of Cornelius Cardew’s graphic score, ‘Treatise’ by Shawn Feeney. ‘Sine waves are generated from the black areas of the score.’

Iannis Xenakis – Paul Farrington. Abstract graphic score projection which is then interpreted & performed by Nicholas Kok & Psappha.

Liquid Do - Julia BorovayaLiquid Do – Julia Borovaya

Liquid-Do – Julia Borovaya. Solvation – A Molecular-Dynamic Process. Reacting reagents for fluid phase abstractions and sound generation.

Composing With Process – A series, curated by Mark Fell and Joe Gilmore, which explores generative approaches to audio composition.

Mouvoir les Pourcentages & Riches Heurs des Signes Aller-Retour. Henri Chopin’s typewriter poems which contain optical patterns made from typographic glyphs.

‘Fast Forward: Conversations with Machines’ [from camera obscura to cybernetics] essay by Joost Rekveld.

Spacewar: Fanatic Life and Symbolic Death Among the Computer Bums – Classic article on ‘Counter-computer’ by Stewart Brand from 1972.

Countercomplex posts on algorithmic symphonies [8-bit style] from one line of code.

Recent drawings from Viktor Timofeev. ‘Humanizing optimization & cyber-archeology’.

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    Randazzo’s Stone Fields now found their way into the physica lworld…

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