Idrioema – Fossilized Morphologies & Ghost Architectures

Aequa – Idiorema

Idrioema is a multimedia project instigated by Luigi Scotti & Teresa Aguas encompassing separate audio and video works and also pieces that explore cross-modal relationships between sound and image.

A recent work, Aequa, reveals a shifting landscape of reaction diffused artifacts – ghostly layers of emergent biological textures evolving alongside field recordings [street cleaning, water, stones, garbage bins, cars, pumps and alarms]. Familiar sonic environments of banal origin are recontextualised into a mesoscaphic soundtrack for a kind of evolving fossil/bone architecture.

Another series of works, Sonoscopia [found in works – images], reveals a series of sonographic renderings, spliced and cut, and reordered into striated xerox-like diagrams. The drawings invite us to imagine the clicks, cuts, static and sonic abrasions that might coaxed them in to existence.

Working exclusively in B&W the couple have explored the sonification of dynamical systems, cross-transcoding of file-formats as well as many other data transposition techniques to generate their works.

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