Flickr Fruits #38: Stella Trails, Neocubes, Manifolds & Magnetotypes

STB/S01/120° - Peter JellitschSTB/S01/120° – Peter Jellitsch

Nasa’s International Space Station Star Trails set uses a long exposure technique to reveal the motion of stars as concentric Tron-like light beams punctuated by green glowing auroras [The Northern Lights]. Astronaut Don Petit, currently orbiting the planet as part of the long-duration Expedition 30 Mission, stacked together layers of 30 second long exposures to create 15-20 minute long stellar trails.

Ling Meng’s Magnetism set contains typographic experiments and ‘drawings’ composed of magnetised iron filings. Close inspection of the spatially arranged filings reveal nested levels of organisation – with larger global structures containing fur-like magneto-micro patterns

Peter Jellitsch’s STB set contains hand drawn topologies, manifolds and attractor-like configurations made with pencil and ink. Using virtual simulations of space as a model, he retraces algorithmic constructs, often adding tiny arrows to his drawings, as if to encourage the notion of surface vector flow and fluid dynamics.

Dimitry Tischenko’s Neodynium Magnet set contains a vast array of geometric constructions made from tiny Neodynium magnets – most notably complex polyhedral structures, Bucky Balls and Neocubes.

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