Selected Tweets #14 [July-Aug 2011]

Lattice-Receptacles - Yoichiro-KameiLattice-Receptacles – Yoichiro-Kamei

Selected tweets from my Twitter stream: @MrPrudence

Lattice Receptacles – Yoichiro Kamei. Grid system lattices constructed in Ceramic.

‘Electronics In The World Of Tomorrow’ (1964) – Erkki Kurenniemi. Acousmatic/noise cut-up circuit-board meditation at Ubuweb.

The Automatypewriter is a ‘self-reflexive’ & self-typing interface for interactive fiction games.

Miragemachine is well executed sonically active Flash toy of the ribbon/mouse trailer species.

Stadsmuziek – Akko Goldenbeld. 3D map schematic used as piano roll to generate an atonal composition.

Formations – Syntfrarm. Emergent cloud patterns generated from data satellite imagery made with Processing.

Alluvial Fan, Iran - Pathological GeomorphologyAlluvial Fan, Iran – Pathological Geomorphology

Accretions of arable farming fields around an Alluvian Fan in Iran featured at Pathological Geomorphology.

Hippocampus 1 – Daniel Canogar. Illuminated discarded telephone cables evoke neural synapse firings.

Metropolis II – Chris Burden. Large scale kinetic artwork with 1110 tiny cars.

Buran Suprematism at Kosmograd. Multi-dimensional spatial forms by switching 3d Spacecraft objects to bounding-boxes.

Black Mirror – Robert Seidel’s Gossamer mirrored projection sculptures.

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