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Michael’s blog alerts me to Chris Coyne’s CFDG or Context Free Design Grammar – an application for producing recursion trees and other Fractal output. Judging by some of these examples, it certainly will find it’s way onto my hard drive as soon as a spare moment doeth shine. If you don’t want to command UNIX line by line you can pick up ported Windows and Mac versions of Context Free here. Features include the ability to render very large images – up to 100 Mega-pixels with up to a million individual shapes!

I really like this example … and again it points its finger to navigating underground train systems psychgeographically using these kinds of grammatical algorithms to generate dream routes or urban rhizomes as touched upon previously at dataisnature.

It’s interesting when fractal and recursive patterns trick us by looking not exactly fractal as sometimes they do in this example? – They emit a transparent quality and avoid looking just like yet another fingerprint of mathematical onanism. And it opens the debate about Fractals as art being any good at all in the first place.

Tony posted a funny Anti-Fractal article at his glitch temple a while back and when I saw Jacqueline’s post on ‘good ol’ mandelbrot’ it made me revisit. Obviously I’m two sided about fractals like most things – I’m left-handed and Geminian. I spit on their ordinary frilly sickening colour cycles like Tony, but when I do see something unique it feels good and I think ahh…. fractals and a little flicker of an old love affair resurfaces – for a minute or two at least!

Buddhabrot are special karmic representations of the Mandlebrot set. Melinda Greens Page has all you need to know. I discovered one of these while playing with the Kai’s Powers Tools Plugins for Photoshop when I made my first website in 1997, the Neon Nihilasium (a metajoke)! I cant believe it’s still online cus I stopped paying the host subscription after I informed them I intended to close the account nearly two years ago. Don’t laugh – it was a product of perverted spiritual epiphanies through the study of psychedelic geometry (if you know what I mean)… there are some more fractal investigations here. My friend Ash reviewed my work of luridly coloured nonsense in the Independent newspaper (UK) and made it Site of the Week! I got some serious email questioning me on the metaphysical importance of my work funnily. My neurons are making different kinds of messages theses days.

The word Fractal actually came from the Latin Fractus meaning broken or irregular, which was introduced by Mandlebrot in 1975. Even 30 years after their discovery Fractals seem to keep on arousing our imaginative attention. An arto-mathematical wet dream inside a wet dream and a modern homunculus demon seed of eye-brain-candy-iteration allowing artists to exploit and value what might be called “the order that lies in uncertainty.” Fractals skidoo, skidoo!

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  1. sean writes:

    and of course let’s not forget about late father Udo:

    before getting too excited though, just check the date at the end of the article… ;-)

  2. paul writes:

    haha! this is great!

    “I was stunned,” Schipke says. “It was like finding a picture of Bill Gates in the Dead Sea Scrolls. The colophon [the title page] named the copyist as Udo of Aachen, and I just had to find out more about this guy.”

    thanx a lot for this sean :)

  3. blprnt writes:

    Thanks for the great links! I’ve been working on some L-system trains and other things – you can see them at my site

    It’s always good to see fractals that don’t suck!

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