Lost Formats

Lost Formats

The Lost Format Society was formed in 2000 at the launch of Émigré 57 – Jetset documents its treasures in a stylish way! The purpose of the society is to collect and celebrate Formats that would otherwise pass into obscurity to be forgotten.

I was intrigued by the shape of the Telstar Format which held one of the earliest Pong games. But it’s not nearly as strange as the console itself – A kind of triangular car dashboard with a steering wheel, gear set-up and gun attached.

Also of note is our friend the Paper Punch Card – forever infamous for in-directly causing the Y2k non-event. In order to cram an entire order or customer record into a single punch card with typically less than 100 character columns, the year was shortened to two digits. This allowed programmers to economise the use of card space but remained a legacy that continued through into the digital age.

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