Typographical Portraits


While doing a little background research on an essay I’m writing on Typography in Flash I stumbled back upon a few little gems among the infinite library of personal bookmarks.

Ni9e.com follows the tradition of expressive typography with some excellent work grouped under ‘Typographical Illustrations’. The titles of each piece are simply the names of some well-know classic fonts, Book Antiqua, Century Gothic, Helvetica…. Over time an initially chaotic scramble of letter’s build into well-defined sketches and portraits. The soundtracks to the each work add another dimension, sometimes irreverently, as they play along while the illustration builds up on screen.

2 Responses to “Typographical Portraits”

  1. JT writes:

    I did a few articles on some flash typography stuff which, although are probably very different from what you’re writing, may or may not be helpful:


  2. Paul writes:

    heh jt! thanx, its funny cus not only did i come across your excellent articles when you posted them on absconditus but i also ran into them again recently on my browsing adventures. Im going to mention them in a later ‘more techy’ article on typography – once it gets finshed, ill let you know.

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