Recursive & Geometric Mosaics

Knowlton Mosaics

Ken Knowlton, computer graphic pioneer possibly best know for his invention of computer languages for visual output, has a site of his mosaic work online. In 1963 Knowlton authored the BEFLIX programming language for bitmap computer-produced movies, later EXPLOR and other experimental languages for stills and films for scientific and artistic purposes. It seems most of his time is now spent as a mosaicist. I particularly like the recursive space filling curve mosaic portrait of Douglas Mckenna.

On the geometric works, Knowlton says:

‘Geometric in nature, several inspired by the interests of practitioners depicted. Mathematicians sometimes have the weirdest fascinations; in the spirit of their practice, some of these portraits of them observe appropriate esoteric constraints. Art and mathematics often strive for elegance — that optimal balance between severity of constraints and attractiveness of results.’

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