Imaginary Battles #01

Brainfuck Vs M9ndfuck!

Brainfuck is an Esoteric Progammming Language designed to be one of the most compact languages possible while still being Turing complete. While Brainfuck has only 8 commands, it is still theoretically possible to do anything in it that can be done in any other language. To converse seriously about Brainfuck some programmers have preferred to call it BF!. Each of the eight commands consists of a single ASCII character.

M9ndfuck is a repository of esoteric glitch art, anti-software and textual anarchy from Netochka Nezavanova (also known as Integer, Antiorp or M9ndfuck).

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‘Remaining an anonymous, multiple and antagonistic persona allows Nezavanova to avoid becoming too cosy in the art world, making alliances and friends there who might limit the definition of what she is doing by grounding it in the specific cultural context of art.’

From the excellent article ‘Useless Utilities’

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