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Michael Kukla – Cellular Vortex Fields

Untitled 18 - Michael Kukla
Untitled 18 – Michael Kukla

Michael Kukla’s monochromatic drawings on paper are built up with successive layers of ink to creating cellular fields that have the illusion of depth. Vortices of negative space imply complex nebulous forms fragile to touch, movements of bubbles across a foam surface, and flat surfaces with outbreaks of sponge-like areas. The procedural cellular approach approximates the geometry of packed soap bubbles, when applied to sculpture the memories of these bubbles appear as fossilized remnant textures.

Trajectories in the Blog Galaxy #3: Particle Decelerator, Binary Heap & Emergent Urbanism

The Genesis of Complex Geometry at Emergent Urbanism
The Genesis of Complex Geometry at Emergent Urbanism


Synthesizing news and information from the new frontiers of art-science, with a particular emphasis on the quantum and cosmological, is Honor Hager’s Particle Decelerator blog. Picking up on the latest findings in particles physics, radio astronomy and dark matter, to name a few, Particle Decelerator unravels philosophical, metaphysical and political connotations connected to these subjects. Not to be missed is Honor’s TED talk ‘Listening to the Sounds of Space’, a wonderfully paced, concise exposé on the history of the Universe in sound.


Binary Heap contains a wide bandwidth of posts linking to electronic music theory, electro-acoustics, modular synthesis, visual music, and programmable music systems. It also contains links to historical documents. Aleatorical musicians, and those interested in use of random processes in art, may well find ‘An Anthology of Chance Operations’ a must read. Another aspect of Binary Heap is that it collects examples of music software, including plug-ins and add-ons for DAW based software, as well as small idiosyncratic algorithmic generators.


Emergent Urbanism is a blog that was maintained by Mathieu Helie and has been non-functional since October 2010. A comprehensive list of the larger, more detailed, posts have been archived on a page of their own and cover subjects such as complexity and self-similarity applied to city growth, the geometry of town planning vs urban sprawl and the emergent morphology of settlement.