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Roots, Rhizomes & Creepers – Hyungsub Shin

Uprooted - Hyungsub Shin
Uprooted – Hyungsub Shin

New York based artist Hyungsub Shin brings a new and fresh perspective to the realm of fractal artworks with site-specific sculptural cut-outs and complex rhizomatic symmetry-breaking drawings. An important aspect of Shin’s work, often realised in materials such as electrical wires, rope and plastic twines, is that of open growth and unlimited expansion – the artist notes that ‘the whole structure of the installation is not significantly affected by adding or subtracting its parts’.

The works on paper are as equally decorative as they are diagrammatic – data visualisations of social interactions are implied, as are biological systems such neuronal networks. In some cases the drawings attempt to formally capture standard fractal configurations – but Hyungsub’s human touch creates unconventional convolutions in the self-similar topologies – a welcome opposition to more rigid and fixed computationally derived counterparts. The complex works created with electrical twist-wires mimic capillary systems and brachial forms and are consolidated by the 3-dimensionality and resultant shadow play of the materials. The site specific sculptures, often juxtaposed within urban environments present structures as organic living forms infecting and encroaching upon brickwork. In other situations organic figures cut-out of anodised aluminium form bold silhouettes against the skyline to create a idolatry totem fractals

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