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Data Reflection # 031208

Geo-phages infecting an unsuspecting coastline at Pruned

Pruned compiles a catalogue of coastal curiosities with an image of ‘Geo-phages infecting an unsuspecting coastline’. Of particular interest to disciples of self-similarity are the iterations produced by coastal engineering and erosion prevention.

Bldblog’s post, Resampled Space concerns the architectural fictions & fantasies of Filip Dujardin – recombined parts of buildings are conjured up to form new impossible structures, often with interesting geometric formations. Another post, Slow Decay, reports on the bacterio-poetic works of Yvette Molina – infusions of layered translucent colour bring about a petri-dish aesthetic.

Doraballa-ommo conveys to us all manner of monochromatic excellence – Diatoms, Biomorphs, Processing sketches, Mandalas, Op-Art, and Ferrofluids are among those that mingle together within the cult of the many.

Infostuka’s blog archive is well worth sifting through. Here’s a post on a work they completed earlier this year involving ‘playful and colourful miniature interactives’ – in the piece ‘Loophole’ we are asked to imagine Tron being played out on Voronoi Triangulations instead of grids. Elsewhere we can find more leads to goodness – Jeffrey Docherty, XX+XY and Justine Ashbee, for example.

Jorinde Voigt – Network Dynamism

Superdestination – Jorinde Voigt

At the core of Jorinde Voigt’s drawings lays the proposition of a system or set of systems, with many individual parts collaborating and corroborating harmonically. Networked elements are connected, like a sketch for visual programming project, forcing the eye to wander back and forth perusing its nodes as if in musical counterpoint. Its no surprise that Jorinde refers to a set of drawings as ‘Partiturs’ translating to ‘scores’ in musical vocabulary. On further inspection we also find representations of fluid dynamics and physical motion, incorporated with the kind of poetry Paul Klee used when taking his lines for a walk. These drawings might be the answer to Klee’s Pedagogical Sketch book for the systems age, combining cybernetic psychogeography, experimental musical notation, and sketches for a parametric utopia in one fell swoop.

Australia Series 2 – Jorinde Voigt

Interkontinental/Boeing-Studie – Jorinde Voigt