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The Senster

The Senster

‘Every thing is sentient’ – heraclitus.

I couldn’t escape this page without feeling some strange emotion. The Senster, paralysed and frozen, lost like dinosouar bones in a museum and lost in time.

“Edward Ihnatowicz was a Cybernetic Sculptor active in the late 1960’s and early 1970’s. His ground-breaking sculptures explored the interaction between his robotic works and the audience, and reached their height with The Senster, a large (15 feet long), hydraulic robot.”

Check this site for more on this incredible creation and be sure to watch the only surviving video of the Senster at play!

Welcome to DataisNature

These pages are a filtration of browserSpace covering such topics as Generative Art, Robot Art, Sound Art, Video, Actionscript, Visual Installation, VJing and AudioVisual Software. Essentially its a space to share my findings in a number of personal research areas. The diverse range of provocative and beautiful artifacts being created with machines is staggering – this page will document many of these works both from the past and the present.